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Contemporary, innovative, unique, entrepreneurial and perfectionist; this is how Ariana Castillo is portrayed, a fresh talent in the art of jewellery creation.

This young designer from the capital city of San José, Costa Rica, has turned her dreams to reality through her exclusive collections; each piece is an expression of part of this trendsetter’s outrageous mind, one full of mystery, enchantment and devotion.

Graduated from fashion design and continuing a search for her passion, Ariana takes her first steps in Escuela Crisol, where she begins her focus in jewellery.

Always looking for perfection, Ariana Castillo is displayed in short-term as an artist who sets trends, class and style in each and every one of her creations.




Ariana Castillo is a jewelry brand focused on designing distinctive and handmade pieces, and turning each one of them in more than just a piece, A JEWEL.

Aiming for becoming a style icon, and motivated by a public who seeks to express, and has a need for remarkable and quality pieces, the brand creates a mesmerising experience, in which the client lingers between desire and satisfaction.

“So each piece of jewellery tells a story, arouses emotion, leads to dreams and marks fashion moments. The consumer is seduced by what he feels, for the only thing that distinguishes him, rather than by the materials used. ” Juliana Cavalieri.

Ariana Castillo is “Inspiration”